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Blackall Range Walks

This is all the smaller walks in one map of the Sunshine Coast Hinterland Great Walk.

The Sunshine Coast Hinterland Great Walk

The Blackall Range, 100km north of Brisbane, rises majestically from the coastal plain to the west of the Sunshine Coast.  The Hinterland is famous for its arts & Crafts, its wonderful selection of fine food and dining, its exciting shopping, great places to stay and particularly its magnificent walk and parks.

The 58km Sunshine Coast Great Walk provides sections of shorter walks for the day visitor plus brilliant opportunities for experienced walks to undertake a challenging adventure including camping out for several nights along the walk.

From points along the walk there are views across a landscape embraced with tall open forests, rainforests crossed by creeks and dense groves of Piccabeen palms.  The power and majesty of water is central to this walk from the cascades of Kondalilla Falls, the rock pools and the meandering of the Obi Obi Gorge carved out by water over millions of years.  It is a unique opportunity to experience the forest environment away from the crowds and to immerse yourself in nature at its best.

Bring your mobile phone (or EPIRB if you have one) but don’t rely on mobile phone contact as much of the Sunshine Coast Great Walk is remote and phone coverage is unreliable.  Try high points and ridges for better reception.

All rubbish must be carried out for appropriate disposal.  If you carry it in-you carry it out! Be a minial impack walker.  Feel privileged as you are visiting an area of high significance for nature conservation.  Take photos , leave only footprints.

WHEN TO VISIT – To make the best of your walk choose a time when walking is pleasant.  The best time to walk this Great Walk is between March & October.  However weather conditions can change suddenly so it is sensible to carry a rain coat and adequate clothing at all times of the year.

Always walk with a companion, never walk alone.

Facilities – Toilets are located at the three Walkers Camps as well as at the picnic areas at Lake Baroon, Kondalilla Falls and Mapleton Falls.  Water is available at the Walkers Camps BUT must be treated before use.  All walkers are advised to bring plenty of water with them regardless of the distance of the walk.

Some good advice – A light day pack is essential to enjoy the shorter walk.  Bring sufficient water to last for the day.  Pack a raincoat, sunscreen and insect repellent and wear a hat.  Bring food ad a first aid kit.

Wear sturdy enclosed boots or shoes and make sure your footwear has been worn in before you begin your walk.  Don’t get lost! The track is well marked so stay on track.  Don’t walk at night and plan to complete your walk well before sunset as the forest is a total blackout after dark.  It is always a good idea to pack an emergency torch even for a simple day trip.

The Great Walk

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