Linda Garrett

400m / easy / 20-30 min return

This short circuit leads through rainforest, a palm grove and tall wet eucalypt forest dominated by blackbutt, turpentine, brushbox and flooded gum.

Enjoy a section of the Sunshine Coast Hinterland Great Walk. Along Gheerulla Creek, look for a great barred frog. Birdwatchers may by fortunate to hear the calls of the endangered marbled frogmouth.

The park is a refuge for wildlife and a special place for visitors to enjoy a peaceful native forest.  Linda Garrett generously donated the land and locals refer to it as Linda Garrett Park.

This small World Heritage accredited park protects a rainforest remnant on the Blackall Range and is home to the great barred frog, Mixophyes fasciolatus. the park is a site for continuing frog monitoring. 

Linda Garrett

400m / easy / 20-30 min return


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