Mapleton Falls

Mapleton Falls in Mapleton National Park.  The falls tumble 120 metres down the escarpment from Pencil Creek.


This circuit track winds through rainforest and eucalypt forest.  Wayside signs provide information about features.  The Peregrine Lookout provides an excellent view of the Obi Obi valley.  Listen for the Wompoo fruit-dove calling from its treetop feeding sites with a booming “wallock-a-woo” and “Book-a-roo”.


Excellent views of Mapleton Falls and the Obi Obi Valley are highlights for visitors to this small but significant remnant of the forests that once covered thee Sunshine Coast Hinterland.


Mapleton Falls

1.33 km / Class 2 track – Easy / 45 min return

Superb lookout next to car park with wheelchair access-picnic area and 1.3 km circuit-spectacular views of waterfall and rainforest valley below.  Listen for the Wompoo Fruit Dove calling from its treetop feeding sights.

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