Mum; so many words

Mothers Day

Mum; so many words come to mind, amazing, awesome, loving, compassionate, confidant, selfless and the list goes on.  Mums are all these things and many more.


There are so many types of Mothers, Birth Mother, Adopted Mother, Step-Mother, Mother in-law, Grandmother, Mother figures and they all give the same unconditional love for life.


We are handed these tiny bundles, without a manual, without training and asked to take them home and raise them into caring, well-adjusted adults.  A tad daunting to say the least, some of us are lucky to have support of extended family but not all.  Then there is the constant judgement and the never ending advice of well-meaning people, who are doing our heads in!


We are constantly tired, anxious that we are doing everything right so as not to harm this precious tiny human that has stolen our hearts.  We are amazed at the love we have for this little bundle that squirms and squeals, look out anyone who may hurt our bundle.  The lioness in us all frightens us at first as we will do anything to protect our baby.  That feeling is pretty scary, but we learn to harness it.  And heaven help the person who may actually get to see it!


That is just the first few weeks of motherhood!


I must say all the children I have known – including my 3 – have all survived being raised without the manual and training.  It is very much learn as you go because no 2 children are the same as I have discovered.  Sometimes motherhood can seem a constant thankless career.  That is until you sit back and look at the successful, well-adjusted, independent, working adults who call you mum.


Then the penny drops of how rewarding this position actually is and you can give yourself a quite pat on the back.


Then comes the next career in life that as a Grandma ….. which is a whole different story.  The lioness is never far away; and believe me you would never want to see the lioness unleashed from Grandma (I personally believe it is more ferocious then that of a mother).


If you are away from your family this Mothers Day why not book and indulge a little (I am in the same situation).  And very happy to spoil you at Bendles Bed and Breakfast


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