Our Friendly Magpies

Our Friendly Magpie

The gumtrees are slowly shaking in today’s Autumn breeze. I caw loudly to signify the break between sleep and activity in our neighbourhood. The Sun has just peaked over the roof of Bendles Cottages. This means they will be up and about soon. “This is a great time for your first flight from the nest, son”, I say, gently removing a stray piece of dust from his feathers as he wakes. “But what if the owners of Bendles Cottages don’t like me” he replies, cowering his small beak into his deflated chest. “Like us, son, Bendles Cottages owners always remembers a face, they are caring to all”. I can see the concerns growing in his walnut sized brain, he has the look of his mother, a majestic magpie. I can still see her golden eyes in our son. I swiftly gestured my beak out of our nest, keeping eye contact, ushering him to take off for his first flight. After a few jumps, he soars off, unsteadily at first, but he was quick to find his bearings. As we flew down from the treetops I had to guide my naïve son away from the yard of mean, old, Mr Thompson. I managed to grab him, just in time, and swoop into a nearby bush. Breathing heavily, I shush the magpie young-ling, “hear that son?” I ask, awaiting the desired response, “no Dad, what’s wrong?” With a heart full of love, I reply, “nothing my dear child, your senses will continue to grow, but us magpies have the wonderful ability to hear our food underground, before we see or taste it!” To my Son’s amazement, I rustle up a few juicy worms from the Earth. Bendles Cottages owners are moving about. Smiling, she tosses me a bread stick, as usual, as well as one for my Son. Twenty years I’ve lived in this neighbourhood, you’ll be just fine.

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