Our little Pale Face Rosella’s

Pale Face Rosella

Our little Pale Face Rosella’s truly love our garden and the water features.  The enjoyment that they give us and our guest with their little antics is wonderful.

Native to Australia, the Pale-faced Rosella can be found in eastern and north-eastern Australia. This species of parrot carries a few alternative names, such as the Blue Rosella, the Mealy Rosella and the Moreton Bay Rosella. These unique-looking birds have a cream/pale-yellow coloured head and upper breast. Their entire front is pale blue, mixed with small amounts of cream/pale yellow. Their back has black feathers, strongly edged with yellow, which fade into a bluish-green nearer to the tail. The tail and wings are a mixture of dark blue and light blue. One of the most prominent parts of this bird is the bright red patch under the tail. They are often about 12 inches long and weigh in at 100g on average. Males and females look the same, except the females’ duller colours. The Pale-faced Rosella is closely related to the Eastern Rosella, which are similar appearance-wise, can breed and hatch hybrids which carry characteristics of both, namely a splash of red in the cream-coloured head area. The Pale-faced Rosella’s can be found, and often nest, near water in a dry forest. A body of water lined with tress is the ideal setting for these birds.

Pale Face Rosella

However, they also like to frequent human-made environments, such as parks and farmland. They will likely come to a backyard which is adorned with a bird feeder. For their homes, Pale-headed Rosella’s favour the hollows of eucalyptus trees, but will also go for other types of trees with hollows, usually if there is wood dust to lay eggs in. Their diet consists of insects, flowers, and seeds from trees and grass.

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